Proud to support all 8 LGBTQIA+ Greens pledges

I am proud to support all 8 LGBTQIA+ Greens pledges in the upcoming Campaigns Coordinator election for the Green Party Executive (GPEx). It’s been great working with the group, in just a short time they have achieved so much! I will work tirelessly to fight for LGBTQIA+ equality if elected as Campaigns Coordinator.

Full text version of the pledges below the image.

LGBTIQA+ rights are human rights. The Green Party has always been at the forefront of supporting equality. At a time where rights are under attack it’s vital we elect people who are committed wholeheartedly to our struggle.

LGBTIQA+ Greens are asking candidates for our internal election to sign the LGBTIQA+ Greens pledge. We want to know that you’ll work tirelessly to fight for LGBTIQA+ equality.

We ask you to commit to:

  • Campaign with the LGBTIQA+ Greens to protect trans rights in the Equality Act and fight for reform of the Gender Recognition Act. For a kinder and less bureaucratic process for recognising trans people’s gender
  • Recognise non binary identities are valid and promise to ensure they are recognised in internal processes and in wider society
  • Supporting reserved places on the Green Party Council for LGBTIQA+ people
  • Supporting efforts to get more LGBTIQA+ people elected to be Councillors and more
  • Supporting gender affirming healthcare for trans youth rejecting ideological interference with current practice
  • Calling for proper funding for trans healthcare in the NHS to reduce 3 year+ waiting lists 
  • Supporting LGBT+ inclusive schools in line with the new Relationship and Sex Education curriculum due to roll out from September
  • Agree to press for full implementation of the government’s LGBT+ Action plan including legislating a ban on conversion therapy

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