Questions posed by Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) to GPEx candidates – 22/07/20

In the run up to the Campaigns Coordinator election on the Green Party Executive (GPEx), I answered these questions asked to me by the Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU).

GGPTU aims to further good relations between GPEW and Trade Unions and the labour movement nationally, internationally, locally and regionally, by putting forward policy and campaign proposals to GPEW and to Trades Unions. It campaigns on behalf of GPEW by participating in Trades Union and other political and cultural events and by drafting and distributing appropriate publicity materials. GPTU aims to encourage Trades Unions to give financial and other support to GPEW.

They are now published here for all members to read. Please feel free to ask me a question

Why are the GPEW considering a reorganisation, which would get rid of the Trade Union Liaison Officer Post when we need to win workers and Trade Unions to a Just Transition to fight Climate Change?

Is it not a serious mistake by the GPEW to ignore 6.3 million workers in Trade Unions and millions who want to be in Trade Unions but are prevented by the Tories Anti Trade Union laws?

Should the GPEW be sending such a negative message? What will you do if elected to keep the post of the Trade Union Liaison Officer and recognise the work of the Green Party Trade Union group?

Thank you for your question, and for the continued work of the Green Party Trade Union group.

I realise this reorganisation is part of the ongoing Green Party Holistic Review process, which I strongly oppose. When the Holistic Review was first proposed, I was Young Greens Co-Chair. I share exactly the same concerns as you about representation on the new bodies, because Young Greens and other bodies in the party also face the threat of having roles removed on the new structures.

At every point possible (whether this be on GPEx, at various Conferences or on my personal social media), I have condemned the acts of the Holistic Review, and voted against it.

On the Trade Union Liaison Officer (TULO) post, I absolutely agree with you. It is a serious mistake by the GPEW to ignore the concerns and voices of our members and supporters in Trade Unions, but also to the wider Trade Union membership (6.3 million people) as a whole.

I personally think it reinforces the white, middle-class stereotype that the party quite rightly is branded with often. The vast majority of members of Trade Unions are working-class and are often workers from blue-collar professions, labourers and emergency services. The Green Party should be the party that stands up for the marginalised and the oppressed: this includes all groups, and not just a select few.

If elected as Campaigns Co-ordinator, I would continue my record of campaigning hard against the Holistic Review, but if the inevitable happens, I will carry on advocating for the inclusion of posts that represent groups in the party: TULO is one of the biggest priorities to retain.

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